About Us

We are convinced that the key to your growth is at the heart of your data. We are capable of driving media activation forward in new strategic and technological directions. We are leaders in marketing sports’ data and feeds, turning sports data into engaging digital content and visualizations though API and range of live data feeds.

Our Services

API Content

Ardevar will take care of all technical considerations related to API. The following products, as listed hereunder, will be provided by Ardevar to the Company: odds and results, API documentation.

Data Feed

Data feed coverage include all major leagues and sports worldwide. Detailed data coverage available for many popular leagues and sports all over the world.

Risk Management and Monitor

Building, improving, and monitoring business processes that detect and prevent fraudulent activities in various scenarios.

Reporting Tools

Tailored services for the reporting and overview, that every bussiness needs for decision making and business intelligence.


Improving new customer conversion and the retention of existing ones by creating well-segmented, multi-channeled campaigns.

How We Work!

We pride ourselves on our efficient and collaborative approach to delivering exceptional results for our clients. Our work methodology is designed to ensure transparency, clear communication, and a seamless experience from start to finish.

We Generate A Good Idea First

We believe that great projects start with great ideas. Our creative team is dedicated to generating innovative and strategic concepts that align with your vision and goals. We encourage brainstorming sessions and foster a creative environment that sparks fresh ideas and unique solutions.

Then We Start Applying Ideas

Once we've generated a pool of promising ideas, we embark on the process of applying them to your project. Our team of experts carefully evaluates each idea's feasibility and potential impact, considering various factors such as technological capabilities, market trends, and user preferences.